Chris Mullen

The Swim Test  

By Chris Mullen

At a crystal-clear lake with a soft sandy shore,
Ben thought to himself as he once did before,
At last, summer camp, and I'm out on my own.
My parents are gone. No more rules from the throne.

He slipped off his sandals and stepped toward the lake
When he heard a loud voice that could make the earth shake.
"Hey you," the voice shouted, "Come over to me."
Ben turned and he thought, Now who could that be?

He saw a small lifeguard with sunscreen on his nose,
A red cross on his shirt, and hair on his toes.
He wore a sun visor on top of his head.
"I'm Randy the lifeguard," the small lifeguard said.

"You must take a swim test," he said with a grin.
"A swim test to prove that you really can swim..."